Nelly Straight

Nelly Straight Nelly Straight

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Nelly is designed by Manuel Vivian. A quest for a third dimension, a tribute to spatialism. Large white canvasses with square and rectangular geometric developments where the tension and purity of the canvass are interrupted by nothing more than a longitudinal line crossing it to create an effect of light rims and alternating light and shade effects. The result is a soft, agile light that takes form and escapes from an object that, in its extreme simplicity, assumes a great character. Available in a range of different sizes, Nelly is understated yet highly decorative, and particularly striking in the larger variants. The lampshades are made of undeformable, removable and washable elasticated fabric. The frame is made of painted metal. Nelly is available in white and ivory. The collection includes ceiling, wall, table and floor lamps in a range of sizes. Lyskilde: max 2 x 100w E27

Design: Manuel Vivian

Varianter: flere størrelser, runde og kvadratiske, ulike lyskilder, flere farger
Utstilt: Nelly straight 60 x 60 cm., Ivory White
Høyde: 60 cm. (utstilt versjon)
Bredde: 60 cm. (utstilt versjon)
Dybde: 13 cm.
Farger: flere
Leveringstid: ca. 4 ukers produksjonstid

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