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Hee Lounge Chair


The philosophy behind the Hee Chairs was to take an archetypical chair and perfecting it in every single detail by lifting the design up a level, simplifying it and improving the usability. The starting point was to make a cool and basic chair that would fit most locations – modern but not so typical of the period, that it does not have a long life. There is nothing superfluous or ornamented about the chair and nothing can be removed without losing the function. The chair has a playful expression but does not let the design compromise the purpose. The Hee chair is available as a lounge chair, a dining chair and a bar stool. It is, among other places being used such prominent places as the Oslo Opera and the Australian parliament. The chair is stackable and electroplated before being powder coated, and it withstands weather throughout the year making it suitable for outdoor use. Floor linking connection and cushion available.