Container Table

Container Table Container Table


"The Container Table concept is a fully versatile system that has endless composition possibilities to fit in any space. With combinations to suit your home, office or public space the Container Table can certainly exceed any requirements." LPL, a flat panel based on thermosetting resins, which is pressed under low pressure on particleboard. ABS (plastic) finishing protects the sides. Thickness top: 2.5cm | 1" For indoor use only

Design: Marcel Wanders

Årstall: 2002

Varianter: Runde, kvadratiske og rektangulære bord. Sofabord, spisebord eller ståbord. 4 ulike utførelser; HPL, LPL, lakkert eikefinert mdf eller beiset eikefinert mdf. Alle varianter i 4 farger
Utstilt: ø90 cm., hvit LPL topp (MOTCLR0901-) med hvit base mod. 7030 (MOTCFP0073W)
Høyde: 71,2 cm.
Dybde: ø90 cm.
Farger: flere
Leveringstid: ca. 6-8 produksjonsuker