Modular elements were designed to meet various needs and to fi t into any room in your home: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. The design solution that animates the Modular system is the elementary and solid vertical overlapping of interlocking single pieces to create practical storage furniture. Available round and square, Modular pieces can be rested on wheels. Flexible, functional, practical, Modular pieces have been in production for almost forty years and have received a lot of recognition for the project's signifi cance and innovation (they can be found on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris).

Design: Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Årstall: 1969

Varianter: 4 farger
Utstilt: ass. utvalg
Høyde: 58,5 cm.
Bredde: ø32 cm.
Dybde: ø32 cm.
Farger: Hvit, sort, rød, sølv
Leveringstid: Lager / utstilling / 3 uker produksjonstid

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